Episode 37: Q and A Session

In this episode the TNT crew answer questions sent in from the listeners.  Topics include resetting insulin sensitivity without going keto in the offseason, different ways to track progress, testing body fat, pea and soy protein vs. whey protein, taking care of chronic shoulder pain when training, and more.  Enjoy!

Episode 36: Fat Loss Part 2- Possibilites of Resetting Body Fat Set Point w/ Cliff and Katie Wilson

In Part 2 of our Fat Loss series Cliff and Katie Wilson are back to join the TNT crew to discuss one of the most intriguing topics  in relation to fat loss- the body fat set point theory.  Topics discussed include what the theory is, in the trenches experience with general population clients and physique athletes, examples of people who have stayed very lean after dieting and examples of people that couldnt, adherence to the diet and how that plays a role, hormonal shifts that are tied to body fat set point, what most people should expect, and much more.  Enjoy!

Episode 35: Fat Loss Part 1: Priming Metabolism For Maximum Fat Loss with Cliff and Katie Wilson

In this episode power couple Cliff and Katie Wilson join the TNT crew to discuss how to prime the metabolism to achieve maximum fat loss.  Topics covered include mistakes dieters make, the impact that dieting takes on metabolism and hormones, what to do if your cals arent high enough to diet, reverse dieting, patience and why it’s a huge downfall, time spent dieting versus time away from dieting, and more.  Enjoy!!!

Episode 34: World Champion Powerlifters Leslie Franklin and Nick Weite

In this episode the TNT crew sit down with World Champion powerlifters Leslie Franklin and Nick Weite.  Topics discussed include their journey, their current training, winning meets and hitting PR’s, staying healthy, the truth about training hurt, transitioning from beginner to intermediate to advanced training protocols, combining bodybuilding and powerlifting, what’s next for each of them and more.  Enjoy!

To follow Leslie you can find her here:

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To follow Nick you can find him here:

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Episode 33: Ironman Cover Model/1st Phorm Athlete/New York’s Fittest Cop Mike “NoDonutsHere” Counihan

In this episode 1st Phorm athlete and NY’s fittest cop Mike “NoDonutsHere” Counihan joins the TNT crew to discuss a wide variety of topics to include landing the cover of Ironman Mag for January, drug testing at the NYPD, becoming a 1st Phorm athlete, his diet and training schedule, advice for people looking to get sponsored, future photo shoots, and Sal is in RARE form.  Enjoy!

Episode 32: Part 2- Q and A with IFBB Pro John Meadows

The TNT crew is back with part 2 of our time recording with IFBB Pro John Meadows to answer questions sent in from the listeners.  In this episode John answers questions that cover intra workout carbs and why they are so important, adding bands to training, whether someone should cut water or not during peak week and the day of their show, his most important aspect in regards to bringing up a weak body part, pre-exhausting, “tricks” the day of the show, and his advice for coaches/trainers that want to start giving seminars and get into public speaking.  Enjoy!

Episode 31: Part 1- Interview w/ IFBB Pro John Meadows

In this episode highly respected athlete and top prep coach IFBB Pro John Meadows joins the crew to discuss a wide variety of topics.  Some of the cool things we talked about include John’s first stage weight being 119 lbs, where he started in the industry with coaching, chasing his IFBB Pro Card and finally winning it, competing as an IFBB Pro, making weight for the 212’s and how he fills out, his well known Mountain Dog Training systems, genetics, his team, and some really good rapid fire questions.  Enjoy!

To contact John visit his website www.mountaindogdiet.com , email him at mountaindog1@live.com, and follow him on the following social media platforms:

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Episode 30: Emily Frisella on Fat Loss, Flexible Dieting, Her New Cookbook, and More…

In this episode entrepreneur and author Emily Frisella joins John, Leslie and Tyler to discuss her recent fat loss journey, flexible dieting, cheat meals, and her NEW book “The Fresh Farmhouse Kitchen” that’s lighting up Amazon and making waves and more!  For more info on Emily you can follow her here:

IG:  @emilyfrisella

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And you can buy her book HERE on Amazon or for a signed copy click HERE.


Episode 29: How to Approach Your Diet During the Holidays

In this episode the TNT crew break down how to approach your nutrition during the holidays providing not only an outlook on what’s important but also a plan of action for you to use to help you be able to eat with family and not set yourself back.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Episode 28: Q and A w/ Top Prep Coach IFBB Pro Jason Theobald

In this episode one of the best prep coaches in the industry IFBB Pro Jason Theobald joins the crew for a Q and A session.  Topics covered include where keto fits into the offseason and how to use it for growth, mixing protein/carbs/fats together or separating protein/carbs and protein/fats meals, offseason weight gain for ladies, how frequently you should switch your training up, deloads and over-reaching, plus more.  Enjoy!!!