Sal Frisella

Sal’s history stems from an athletic background being a 4 sport athlete in High school, a Division 1 College Baseball Player and then selected in the Major League Baseball draft by the St Louis Cardinals. He has done a little bit of everything along the journey and brings a wealth of knowledge when it comes to different aspects of living the lifestyle and high level athletic training, along with a great deal of experience in the weight room and on and off the field exercise. He was first introduced to the world of sports supplementation when his brother Andy Frisella started his very first Supplement Superstore and would ship him the free samples he would receive with their stores purchases. Usually that mean it was the left over, horrible product that no one else wanted that was already expired… but at the end of the day when being a college student it really doesn’t matter.

Sal currently serves as the Vice President of 1st Phorm Sports Nutrition and spends most of his time on product development, line expansion and trying to spread the positivity of fitness across the globe through the Legion of Boom. When it comes to getting the truth, don’t worry, he will tell it to you… If you have had the opportunity (good or bad) of meeting Sal the two things you know is that he will have some fun and will definitely tell you where he stands.