The Training and Nutrition Truth Podcast (TNT) is a new podcast that covers all the hot topics in the fitness industry by focusing on real world, in the trenches experience and the science to help you learn and take your knowledge to the next level. The show features John Gorman, a highly sought after diet and fitness coach well known for his outside the box approaches to diet and exercise. Joining him will be Dr. Chad Kerksick, an established exercise and sports nutrition researcher who has published and presented research covering sports supplements, sports nutrition, weight loss, muscle physiology and recovery.  While Dr. Kersick can talk science with the best of them, he thrives at translating scientific findings into real world outcomes.  Rounding out the team is Sal Frisella, the Vice President of 1st Phorm Sports Nutrition and formerly a Pro MLB player with the Cardinals organization. Sal has seen it all in the fitness industry from the early days as a guinea pig of supplements for his brother Andrew to running one of the top sports supplement companies in the industry today. He brings a great deal of experience, humor and real world application to the show.   We will regularly have some of the top names in the fitness industry on as guests such as diet coaches, professors, top athletes, etc and will be covering topics in detail but presented at a level that people without science degrees can relate and implement into their programs.

Sal Frisella, Dr. Chad Kerksick, John Gorman, Tyler Fisher