Episode 78: How to Hire/Become a Successful Trainer

In this episode the TNT crew break down all the tiny details that are so important when it comes to either hiring a successful coach/trainer OR what you need to know as you strive to become one. Enjoy!

Ep. 77- Improving and Growing Your Social Media Platforms

In the episode the TNT crew go into detail on what is currently the best approaches to use for growing and improving your social media.

Episode 76: Dieting and Relationships

In this episode the TNT crew discuss all the complex topics surrounding having a relationship while trying to achieve your best physique possible.

Episode 75: Q and A

In this episode we answer questions over EAA’s vs BCAA’s, MCT oil, muscle soreness and muscle gain, setting up macros for gastric bypass, and more. Enjoy!

Episode 74: Ask Us Anything

In this episode we cover topics such as hunger and refeeds, supps for concentration, working out after a night of drinking, going to college, how to make a low carb pancake, and much much more. Enjoy!

Episode 72: Rapid Fire Q & A

In this episode the crew answer 13 questions covering such topics as gas and protein powder, meals on the go, training heavy or high rep, training early versus later in the day, DIM as a supplement, keto salts, how many energy drinks might be bad, and much much more. Enjoy!

Episode 71: Thyroid Hormone, Gaining Weight Back, Co-workers, Coaches & the Economy

In this episode the TNT crew discuss thyroid hormone and slowing of the metabolism, what coaches should do if we experience an economic downturn, stress over gaining weight back once it’s lost, and dealing with co-workers who give grief when you are dieting. Enjoy!

Episode 70: How To Figure Out Your Starting Calories

In this episode the crew break down how to find your starting calories and also set up your protein levels.  Enjoy!

Episode 69: WE ARE BACK!

You guys wouldnt let us keep the podcast shut down, and messaged us over and over and over so for you- WE ARE BACK!  In this episode we cover questions over how to deal with hunger, weighing daily on the scale, how to know if you need to cut back on caffeine, if there is a limit to the amount of shakes to have a day, and much much more.  Enjoy!

Questions?  Send them to info@trainingandnutritiontruth.com or to John’s IG @team_gorman

Episode 68: Final TNT Episode

Here we go, the FINAL Training and Nutrition Truth Podcast is up and live! 3 years ago in September of 2015 Sal Frisella and I went to have lunch with Chad Kerksick to discuss this podcast idea we had, and the rest is history. We have 68 episodes full of the best diet coaches, athletes, and content you will find out their giving you the TRUTH about training, nutrition, supplementation and business. I am partial, but I really feel we have the absolute best podcast out there covering every aspect of physique enhancement. Thank you all for listening, it means the WORLD to all of us. Link to podcast in 1st comment below, description of episode below:

On this final episode of the TNT podcast Andy Frisella pops in, and Jeremy Mullins joins the crew who are all together to bring the show to a close and answer questions covering cycling test boosters, the top 2 things trainers need to focus on, why Jeremy is the 2nd best trainer in the My TransPHORMation Starts Today Challenge, warning signs to look for when a client may be falling off the wagon, the most important thing each of us have learned since starting the podcast in 2015, and much much more. Enjoy!!!