Episode 8: Question of the Week – How To Bring Up Weak Body Parts with Special Guest Cliff Wilson

In this episode Cliff Wilson joins the TNT crew to help us cover the topic of what it really takes to bring up a weak body part and make it grow into a standout body part. We break down some different training approaches, exercises and rep ranges, how many times per week training a weak body part is optimal for growth, training volume amounts, higher calorie days to support growth, and more.

Episode 7: Clean Eating V.S. Flexible Dieting with Top Prep Coach Cliff Wilson

In this episode Cliff Wilson joins the TNT crew to discuss the controversial topic of clean eating versus flexible dieting. We define each approach and cover things such as eating out, myths and facts for both sides along with positives and negatives, eating disorders, Tupperware and traveling, some data/research, how to switch over to flexible dieting, whether you need to count sugar or not, nutrient value differences in a sweet potato or pop tart, getting shredded eating “dirty” foods, and much much more. Everything you have ever wanted to know about both approaches is covered in this episode in detail.

Episode 6: Question of the Week – How To Find A Good Trainer/Diet Coach

In this episode Brian Teach joins the TNT crew as they break down everything you need to know and look for when trying to find a good diet coach and trainer. They also touch on the state of the industry and what to watch out for.   As usual the crew doesn’t hold anything back and deliver with some cold hard facts about some of the terrible trainers out there. ENJOY!

Episode 5: “I’m Bulking Bro”- What’s the best way to hold onto your results after the diet is over?

In this episode the TNT crew break down why most people gain a lot of fat after a dieting protocol is over. They touch on the science behind metabolic adaptation, why fat re-gain happens from and mental and physical standpoint, body fat overshooting, reverse dieting, and all the tips needed to successfully transition from the diet into a maintenance or offseason period. The crew also touch on the “bulking” concept, both from a personal standpoint and from a coaching point of view.  (Click HERE for the Reverse Dieting article John talks about in the podcast)

Episode 4: Question Of The Week – Ketogenic Dieting and Refeeds

In this episode Dr Jacob Wilson is back and he and John really go into the details on how to use carb ups on a ketogenic diet. Topics covered are amounts of carbs, training and supplementation to help get back into ketosis, how often to carb up, mistakes people make, and more. There is a lot of detail in this episode from two of the people in the industry who work with ketogenic dieting a lot from a research side and an application side with clients.

Episode 3: Ketogenic Dieting, with Dr. Jacob Wilson

In this episode one of the industry leading experts on the subject Dr Jacob Wilson joins us we break down the popular topic of ketogenic dieting and how to apply it. We define keto, talk about the positives and negatives, how to set it up, the myths and facts most people get confused over, talk about training and cardio that works best, how long to do it, best fats to use, alcohol and if it’s allowed, and MORE. Sit back and enjoy the crew as we go all in on the topic, you’ll come away with some great info and also enjoy the back and forth banter as Sal gets picked on a bit as well making this not only a very informative episode but features quite a bit of humor.


Episode 2: Question Of The Week


This week we answer all your questions about creatine- “What is the best form of creatine to take?  Is monohydrate best or other versions such as creatine ethyl ester, HCL, etc? How much should someone take and when should they take it?  Should someone load or not?”  All these questions answered and more, in complete detail.  This topic is right in Dr. Chad’s wheelhouse as there may not be another person with more experience in the research community to provide you all the answers.  Enjoy!!!

Episode 1: Who We Are, Our Mission And Goal, Facebook Questions Answered


In the first episode of the TNT podcast we talk about our background and who we are, the mission and goal for the podcast, and answer questions sent in from Facebook followers.  There is plenty of discussion over topics such as training to failure, fat loss mistakes that need to be avoided, some tips for sticking to a diet while traveling, and plenty more as we get this podcast launched and up and running.  Enjoy!!!