In this episode one of the industry leading experts on the subject Dr Jacob Wilson joins us we break down the popular topic of ketogenic dieting and how to apply it. We define keto, talk about the positives and negatives, how to set it up, the myths and facts most people get confused over, talk about training and cardio that works best, how long to do it, best fats to use, alcohol and if it’s allowed, and MORE. Sit back and enjoy the crew as we go all in on the topic, you’ll come away with some great info and also enjoy the back and forth banter as Sal gets picked on a bit as well making this not only a very informative episode but features quite a bit of humor.


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2 comments on “Episode 3: Ketogenic Dieting, with Dr. Jacob Wilson

  1. DeeDee Gregory Mar 24, 2016

    One of the most informative podcast I’ve ever listened too. I have been carb backloading for the better part of the two years since my last show. I’ve always done my own prep, wanting to learn from my failures. Ohhhh so many failed attempts. I’ve been piggy backing off Cliff and John for little while now and their philosophies and knowledge on contest prep. I’ve followed Jacob for awhile after seeing him with Ben Pakulski so often, who I originally started following when I found bodybuilding. Not only because we look alike but his knowledge on time under tension and using less weight was a necessity of mine due to countless previous surgeries. Needless to say, I’m now “Fat adapted” and believe I have been for sometime, or “metabolically flexible”. I have been eating carbs post workout or pre and post workout, in the evening, for awhile now and when I started this new run on super high fat keto I already had ketones in my urine the morning of. The science really just blows my mind. And if ketones are SO muscle sparing, and GOOD for our health, then wouldn’t, or shouldn’t ketogenic diets be preferred during a contest prep or weight loss journey?

    • John Gorman Mar 24, 2016

      Thank you for the support and feedback DeeDee, greatly appreciate you!!!!