In this episode Dr Jacob Wilson is back and he and John really go into the details on how to use carb ups on a ketogenic diet. Topics covered are amounts of carbs, training and supplementation to help get back into ketosis, how often to carb up, mistakes people make, and more. There is a lot of detail in this episode from two of the people in the industry who work with ketogenic dieting a lot from a research side and an application side with clients.

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5 comments on “Episode 4: Question Of The Week – Ketogenic Dieting and Refeeds

  1. Marcin Mar 12, 2016

    Guys great keto podcasts, I just finished watching them and I was hopping you could clear up my confusion. Whats the point of carbing up for the fully adapted keto person? When your adapted to keto your glycogen levels are already full. Other cons that I see is it will take you out of keto and one will have to take time getting back into it, The only positive that I see it may help you be more metabolic flexible. Am I missing something?

    • John Gorman Mar 16, 2016

      In all honesty the reason for the carb ups are to keep people metabolically flexible as you stated, but also to keep them from binge eating carbs when they are done on the keto set up. Most people will have a very large mental rebound and cheat heavily after they are done if they arent incorporating carbs into the diet every 1-2 weeks on a refeed. This allows for people to have something to look forward to instead of trying to force such a strict plan on themselves without eating carbs. Almost all of us are going to eat carbs at some point, I would rather schedule them than have someone cheat on the diet and eat them.

      Great question Marcin, thanks for asking!

  2. Stephanie Lawler Apr 7, 2016

    Thanks guys for all of this great information! I’ve spent my spring break day at the pool catching up on your podcasts. It’s so nice to learn the science behind this and to have a resource I can use to continue to grow and learn so that I can help people in a better and more effective way!

    • John Gorman Apr 12, 2016

      Thanks Stephanie we appreciate the support, if you think of anything you’d like to hear covered please message us.