In this episode Brian Teach joins the TNT crew as they break down everything you need to know and look for when trying to find a good diet coach and trainer. They also touch on the state of the industry and what to watch out for.   As usual the crew doesn’t hold anything back and deliver with some cold hard facts about some of the terrible trainers out there. ENJOY!

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4 comments on “Episode 6: Question of the Week – How To Find A Good Trainer/Diet Coach

  1. Stacie Johnson Mar 17, 2016

    This was an awesome podcast. I forwarded the link to people in my office because when people hear I’ve hired a trainer (Leslie Franklin) – they all want to recommend what they do or who they go to. My response is always…..I’ve known John Gorman and Leslie Franklin since 2008 from the Anytime Fitness days. They are REAL people. I trust the process. They produce great client results and they care. So John – you were never an asshole to me. lol Anyway…GREAT podcast. I hope everyone I sent it to likes as well as I do.
    Side note: For those who have asked me but then mention they can’t afford a trainer right now,I bet I’ve sent the link a dozen times.
    Thanks again.

  2. Trainer’s should carry 3 important traits….

    Great words and great advice!
    Melanie Lambert