Episode 27: Advanced Supplementation

In this episode the crew talk about taking your supplementation to the next level and the point of advanced supplementation.  Supps covered include fat burning supps, muscle building supps, testosterone and estrogen limiting supps, and quite a few supps people either aren’t very aware of or dont know how to use.  If you are interested in taking your supplementation game to the next level this is the episode for you!

Episode 26: Q and A Session

In this episode the TNT crew tackle questions sent in from the listeners, and since Dr. Chad isnt present John and Sal take advantage and go “FULL TILT BRO”.  Topics include Instagram vs Facebook for business, having a goal when dieting, how to bring up a body part that is smaller than another (smaller right quad for example), using mini-cuts in the offseason, the new 1st Phorm Intra-Formance supplement, and more.  Also here is the link John mentions for people to look into entering the 1st Phorm TransPHORMation Contest:  www.mytransPHORMationstartstoday.com

Episode 25: Part 2- Contest Prep and Bodybuilding w/IFBB Pro Jason Theobald

In this episode we dive into everything related to contest prep and what people need to know about all the details involved.  Topics such as how to start the prep, calories, cardio, keto, eating out, meals vs macro counting, and much more are covered in detail.  Enjoy!

Episode 24: Part 1- Offseason and Bodybuilding w/ IFBB Pro Jason Theobald

In this episode IFBB Pro and one of the best prep coaches in the industry Jason Theobald joins the crew to discuss everything someone needs to know about offseason bodybuilding before working to get on stage.  Topics covered include how high someone should get their cals, how long people need to be offseason, powerlifting, counting food, whether cardio is needed or not, the struggles that come with choosing to pursue bodybuilding, and much much more.

Episode 23: TNT Business Edition Part 2- Being A Successful Trainer w/ Kelly Pollman

In this episode one of the top trainers in the country Kelly Pollman joins the crew to discuss how to build a successful 1 on 1 training business.  Topics covered include how to get started, the struggles, getting new clients, client retention, going the extra mile, social media, and Sal gives the lowdown on why Kelly is called “Cheerleader Kelly” in his contacts on his I-phone.  Enjoy!

Episode 22: TNT Business Edition Part 1- Sales and Being A Successful Trainer

In this episode we took feedback from the listener’s and turn the Training and Nutrition Truth podcast into a business edition and go over how to maximize one of the most misunderstood parts of being a successful trainer- SALES.  While John has a lot of experience in this area, Sal really shines as he has a wealth of knowledge and experience to pass along that even the most experienced veteran could learn from.  Hear the concepts that have went into building 1st Phorm, Supplement Superstores and Team Gorman into what they are today, and learn how to apply those to become the best fitness entrepreneur you can be.

Episode 21: Q and A Session

In this episode the TNT crew answer questions sent in from the listeners.  Topics covered include tips on how to deal with hunger while dieting, whether soreness is needed or not to make gains, whether it’s possible to diet and gain muscle, insulin sensitivity and eating more carbs, training heavy and whether it’s actually needed or not to put on muscle, and more.  Enjoy!

Episode 20: How Low Calorie Should Someone Go?

In this episode Cliff Wilson joins the crew to talk about how low someone “should” go with their calories while dieting.  There is a big misconception out there today with just what has to happen to get extremely lean to get on stage, but also a big misconception for the regular gym goer on how low calories should get just trying to lose some fat and get into shape.  As usual the TNT crew doesnt hold back anything and just bring the TRUTH.

Episode 19: Question of the Week- Carb Cycling

In this episode John, Brian, Chad and Tyler answer a question sent in over carb cycling.  Some of the points talked about include differences in calorie/carb cycling, replacing carbs with fats or protein, whether to adjust protein or fats, starting out and how to set it up, keeping it simple, metabolic adaptation and boosts in leptin/metabolism, plus more.  Enjoy!!!

Episode 18- Q and A Session

In this episode the TNT Crew answer questions sent in from the listeners covering topics such as how to track alcohol into the diet, what to do if you miss a meal, stretching before/after a workout, whether you really have to squat/bench/deadlift to put on size, and everyone gives their opinion on the absolute BEST diet for fat loss if they had to pick one.  Annddddd, Sal updates everyone on his newborn son.  🙂 ENJOY!