Episode 67: Behind the Scenes of 1st Phorm Summer Smash 2018

In this episode Sal Frisella John Gorman and Aaron J Summers pull back the curtain and break down what it was like behind the scenes of the 2018 Summer Smash. Topics include A-Rod showing up, 1000 attendees, $1 million dollars, palm tree’s and white sand in St Louis, how to fill up a pool, who are the people making final decisions, etc etc. Enjoy this behind the scenes peak into what it takes to put on an event like this.

Episode 66: TNT Contest Winner Dennis McLaughlin

In this episode the TNT Podcast winner Dennis McLaughlin is flown out to train with the crew and join the podcast to tell his story.  Topics covered include Sal’s new mini-van of destruction, Dennis winning the contest and the workout we did that morning before recording, losing 85 lbs and winning $20k in the My TransPHORMation Contest in 2017, and more.  Enjoy!

Episode 65: Resetting Insulin Sensitivity with IFBB Pro Jason Theobald

In this episode the crew sit down with one of the top coaches in the entire fitness industry IFBB Pro Jason Theobald to discuss resetting insulin sensitivity.  Topics include the importance of having good insulin sensitivity leading into a diet, offseason mini cuts, GDA’s, reading blood glucose levels, and much much more.  Enjoy!

Episode 64: Next Level Fitness Entrepreneurship w/ Jason Theobald

In this episode Jason Theobald joins the TNT crew to go over how to take your training/coaching business to the next level.  Topics discussed include public speaking, writing a book, starting a supp company, being an affiliate, starting an apparel company, and much much more.  Jason and John both have 7 sources of income besides just training/coaching and they go into detail on what it takes to start making more money.  Enjoy!

Episode 63: Metabolic Conditioning and Grand Prize Winner Announced

In this episode the TNT crew break down everything you need to know about Metabolic Conditioning, and the Grand Prize Winner for the contest is announced!  Enjoy!

Episode 62: Q and A, 4th Contest Winner Announced

In this episode the TNT crew announce the 4th 1st Phorm goodie bag contest winner and answer questions covering the topics of- the worst parts of a keto diet, what EMOM is, salt consumption and fixing water retention/bloat, 1 interesting non-fitness fact from each of the crew, the definition of “SWAG” and how Sal tells the difference in his twin girls.  Enjoy!

Episode 61: Everything You Need to Know About the My TransPHORMation Starts Today Challenge

In this episode John and Sal are joined by Will Grumke to cover everything participants and trainers need to know about the 1st Phorm My TransPHORMation Starts Today Challenge.  Topics include why we started the Challenge, taking starting and ending pictures, diets, using a coach, workouts, supplements, FB support group, and more.  Enjoy!!!

Episode 60: Intuitive Eating/3rd Contest Winner Announced

In this episode the TNT crew break down on of the “buzzwords” in the industry right now, intuitive eating.  Topics covered include the definition, who it’s for and not for, long term goals for everyone, and much more.  Oh, and Sal gives the very best intro for the show since the start completely out of left field!  Enjoy!!

Episode 59: Q & A, 2nd TNT Podcast Winner Announced

In this episode the TNT crew announce the 2nd winner for the share/review contest along with answering questions over how to sell/represent a brand without it being awkward, tips on mind/muscle connection for the body part you struggle feeling the most, optimal protein intake, and more.  Enjoy!!!

Episode 58: The Reality of Progression/First TNT Podcast Winner Announced

In this episode the TNT crew talk about the reality of progression.  Topics discussed include why coaches/trainers need to understand their clients journey, stalls and plateaus, understanding your “why”, some parts of Sal’s journey he remembers pushing through when it seemed he had such a long way to go, and a lot of practical action steps everyone can use to help them get to their goal without coming up short.  Also in this episode is the announcement of the very first winner of the TNT podcast review/share contest- enjoy!