In this episode Sal and John announce a huge contest where they will give away 1st Phorm packages every week to listeners who leave reviews on i-Tunes, share the podcast on social and tag John (@team_gorman) and also one Grand Prize Winner who will get flown out to train, eat, see 1st Phorm HQ and be on the TNT Podcast.  On the podcast today Cliff Wilson joins the crew to answers all your questions sent in from IG.  Topics covered include holding onto muscle while running a half marathon, what macro is best to eat if you have to miss meals and get behind schedule, losing weight then falling off the wagon and where to start calorie wise to get things rolling again, blood flow restriction training (BFR), each of our favorite learning moments as coaches when we realized we may not be doing something as well as it could be done, and whether someone should take in Ignition/dextrose post workout on keto.  Enjoy!!!