In this episode Dr Jacob Wilson is back in the studio and joins the crew to tackle the topic of what’s better for fat loss- HIIT cardio or steady state cardio. Jake is one of the foremost experts in the industry when it comes to the research and data on both forms of cardio and has spoken numerous times all over the world on the topic. We break down different forms of each, positives and negatives of each, metabolic changes, muscle loss, starting points, how and when to apply, and much much more. Enjoy!

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2 comments on “Episode 11: HIIT Cardio Vs. Steady State Cardio with Dr. Jacob Wilson

    What an amazing podcast….
    So I admit up front that reading is just not something I make a priority in my life.
    Most days I’m running from client to client, gym to gym, and single mom honey do list that Never ends.
    This podcast has become my radio station of choice.
    When I’m in the car running around….I’m listening.
    This is great, medically supported, real life knowledge…EVERY fitness professional should learn.
    I firmly intend to put this knowledge to good use…
    Teaching my clients with hands on workouts,,, that teach them just how this will benefit them.
    So excited create ideas around this podcast.

    Great job guys….
    You are now my shotgun sidekick…..thanks for coming along for the ride.
    #loyaltylifestylelivestrong #L3payitfowardproject #mytransphormationstartstoday #legionofboom #transphormation #entrepreneurs #teamlivestrong
    Melanie Lambert
    Livestrong LLC